1. Web Development Talks

    I enjoy sharing my knowledge and growing as a developer by speaking at conferences. I have had the pleasure of giving a few talks at fantastic conferences such as RailsConf, Nodevember, and CodeStock.

    I primarily speak on JavaScript topics but have also dove into Rails and Sass for one talk. I'm constantly looking for conferences to speak at, so please contact me to speak at your conference.

  1. Upcoming Talks

  1. ConnectJS

    October 16-17, 2015

    Atlanta, GA

  2. HTML5DevConf

    October 19-20, 2015

    San Francisco, CA

  3. Nodevember

    November 14-15, 2015

    Nashville, TN

  1. Past Talks

  1. Dynamically Sassy

    RailsConf 2015
    I had the pleasure to speak on dynamic Sass rendering at RailsConf in Atlanta, GA.

    This talks explains how to dynamically generate CSS in Rails applications based on user input.


  1. Functional Programming
    Basics in JavaScript

    CodeStock 2015
    This talk dives into essential functional programming concepts using JavaScript. This talks covers topics such as declarative programming, first class functions, currying, composition, and recursion.

    Source Code

  2. Orchestrating Apps by Composing Angular Directives

    CodeStock 2015
    This talk advocates for modular applications in architecture through composition of Angular directives. This talk highlights different ways to compose directives to make maintainable Angular projects.

    Source Code

  1. Modular and Component Driven Architecture in Backbone.js and Marionette.js

    Nodevember '14
    I had the honor to give my first talk at the inaugural Nodevember conference in Nashville, TN.

    This talk uses Marionette.js to explain ways to build applications with a modular and component-driven approach.